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Give Your Elementary or Middle School Student the Educational Services They Need at DLD Sycamore School

All books and student supplies are provided by DLD and are chosen based on student individual needs as well as Core Curriculum requirements necessary per grade level. All core subjects are taught including:

  • Language Arts (Grammar, Writing Skills, Literature)
  • Computer Lab
  • Math (We use two math programs: Math U See and Touchmath)
  • Various Science curriculums including Health, History & Social Studies

Extra curricula areas are folded into weekly academics which include Art and Cooking.

We are always working with student behaviors and working on social skills to help improve communication and from time to time even teach short term classes on these topics.

Field Trips

DLD has a high value for learning in a multisensory environment. Due to that value, we believe frequent field trips are good for our students to learn outside of the classroom environment and that learning is taking place all the time.

Many of the field trips are included in the tuition. Field Trips include: hiking, Pope Joy programs, ABQ Bio Park, local museums, parks, guest speakers, and more.




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