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“Every individual has the inherent right to a good education regardless of learning style.”

-Maggie Aeby, Founder of DLD Sycamore School


  • Learn at Your Own Pace


    Every student shouldn't be expected to learn at the same pace. We take every student's needs into account.

  • Small Classrooms


    Some students simply learn better in a class with fewer students. Learn more by calling us today!

  • Decreased Teacher to Student Ratio


    The more a teacher can focus on each student, the better. We live by that at DLD Sycamore School.

  • Individual Curriculum


    At DLD Sycamore School, we know that every child learns differently and we strive to respect that every day.

Discover Our Learning Disability School in Albuquerque, NM

Is your child intelligent but struggling in a traditional school setting? At DLD Sycamore School, we understand. That's why we are a private, non-profit school serving students with many different learning difficulties in Albuquerque, New Mexico. We believe in the potential of every student and that every student has the right to a quality education according to their unique learning style.

So Why Choose DLD Sycamore School?

  • Small class sizes (1 to 10 students) give students the individual attention they need, with two qualified teachers in each classroom
  • We work at whatever pace each student needs, always treating them with kindness
  • Our teachers incorporate Christian values into their teaching standards
  • Our programs are completely accredited

We offer our year-round school program for children in grades 1 to 12. We would love to talk to you more and discuss your child's needs more in detail!

Give us a call at 505-822-0476 today so we can begin this positive educational journey for your child at DLD Sycamore School!


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    “My son has loved this school from day one. The teachers and staff have always been very helpful, patient, and have worked hard with us to do whatever they could for him over the years when he went through some difficult phases.”


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    “DLD Sycamore School turned out to be one of the best solutions available for our child. The struggles of having a child enter middle school, going from a one teacher format to a multi-instruction format proved to be a challenge. DLD’s supports the student in an environment that closely monitors the child’s ability to be influenced by distractions that are not conducive to learning.”


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    “DLD staff gave the care and compassion my child needed and worked with them at their own pace academically. Today they are a successful young adult because they were able to learn in their own way.”



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